Drive Mad


Show your driving ability and agility to overcome the fascinating challenges in the game Drive Mad. Rough terrains and a damaged car are waiting for you!

This game will test your driving skills with its creative obstacles and fun stunts. To get to the finish line without getting hurt, players must keep a steady speed. At first, your truck's big wheels will make it easy to get over the obstacles. But soon, you'll need to be careful because the truck is easy to flip over. If your car flips over, it can get a lot of damage and stop working. Each level of the game has a different vehicle to drive, so you won't get tired of using the same truck over and over again for 100 levels.

How to play

The Drive Mad game is simple to play. There are two basic driving directions: forward and driving backward.

To proceed, press the right arrow key.

When moving forward, utilize the X and D keys to accelerate or use power-ups.

To move backward, press the left arrow key.

When traveling backward, utilize the Z and A keys to accelerate or power-ups.