Avatar Game


Transform into Jake Sully in Avatar Game and discover the epic land of Na'vi and Pandora. Watch out for dangerous obstacles and complete three levels.

Inspired by the most trending movie called Avatar: The Way Of Water, this game will make your adventure dream come true. In this game, you will get an opportunity to become Jake Sully. Your mission is to travel to three lands. Your trip is really dangerous as there are many obstacles along the way. Jumping high or flying up is the best way to avoid colliding with these traps and dying. Note that you are allowed to set checkpoints if you play the Practice Mode. These checkpoints will be the destination where you will return after crashing into obstacles. However, this will not happen in the Normal Mode. In the Normal Mode, your progress will not be saved and you have to come back to the starting point if you hit the traps.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to jump.

All levels in Avatar Game

This interesting adventure game features three levels. At each level, you will enter a different map.

Stereo Madness: This level will take you to the Na'vi forest. This forest is covered with a lot of big trees.

Back On Track: At this level, your destination is Pandora Bay. Furthermore, this level introduces a power-up which is a jump pad. Thanks to these jump pads, you can jump higher to evade high walls.

Polarist: The forest of souls is the map at this level. It is a famous forest in the movie as there are many trees of voices in this forest. Unlike the Back On Track level, you will find many jump rings in this level. These jump rings have the same function as the jump pads.