Carrom Clash


Carrom Clash is a two-player battle played on a square gaming board. Both opponents compete to put pucks of their respective colors into the pockets.

How to play

To win, you have to get all of your pucks in before your opponent does. If you don't score or make a foul, your turn is over. Each puck is worth points in Freestyle. The player who gets to the goal score first wins. Whoever gets to the goal score first wins. Once you score a goal, your turn will continue.

The modes you can play in Carrom Clash

Disc Pool: To win, you must pot all of the pucks before your opponent, with your turn continuing if you do. If you don't pot or make a foul, your turn is over.

Carrom: it's mainly the same, except you must pot the red puck before the final turn to win, and you must cover it quickly.

Freestyle: In this mode, each puck is worth a certain amount of points, and the person who reaches the target number first wins. Otherwise, the same as before.

You may use the money you earn from beating the machine to purchase additional strikes and stones, which are exciting improvements that will help you play even better and win quicker, as well as have more fun! Stay tuned, there'll be many more!


Use the mouse.