Spider Solitaire Blue


Spider Solitaire Blue is a popular card game in which the goal is to arrange all of the cards in order in 10 columns to remove them from the playing field.

How to play

On the game piles, arrange the descending patterns of cards by suit. Two full decks of 104 cards are used in this game. A total of 54 cards are arranged in ten groups, face down, and horizontally. A face-down card is at the center of each dozen columns. There are fifty more cards gathered in the right corner, divided into five piles of ten. Your goal is to remove all of the cards from the column by arranging them in the correct sequence with the fewest moves possible. Each final sequence must be of the same suit, after which it is removed from the playing field and the player is given points, followed by the opening of new sets of columns.

The Challenging in the game Spider Solitaire Blue

Spider Solitaire Blue is a game with difficult missions and challenges. The difficulty of the game significantly increases when you play with two or four suits, depending on your choice.


Use the mouse.