Fighting Stars Memory


Fighting Stars Memory is a fun card puzzle game. You must use your memory to remember cards and match the same cards together. Try and overcome all levels!

Welcome to the world of fighting stars' cards! In this game, you will encounter countless brilliant cards of Fighting Stars. Each card has a different image. Your task is to remember those images and match two similar images together until all the cards are exhausted.

The mechanics are simple but it is more challenging than your thought. There are 18 stages in this game, each of which increases in difficulty as you proceed to the next levels. The amount of time you have is limited and fluctuates from level to level, as is the quantity of cards you have access to. Experience and win all challenges of each level!

Features of Fighting Stars Memory

  • Simple and exciting gameplay
  • Various levels
  • Limited time

Release Date

Feb 16, 2022

How to play

  • Mouse Click