Solitaire Classic


Solitaire Classic is an exciting puzzle arcade game in which you have to arrange a card deck from Ace to King to create suits. It's a classic game!

Solitaire games always have an attraction to gamers although they have appeared for a long time. Solitaire games are interesting and addictive because of their interestingness and excitement.

Your mission is to arrange a 52-card deck in ascending order from Ace to King to create sequence suits. Besides that, you have a stockpile to add an extra card when you have no step to move. Moreover, you can change the background of the foundation and cards.

Pay attention to time and the number of moves! Let's complete your mission in the shortest time and with the least number of moves.

Features of Solitaire Classic

  • Classic and intriguing solitaire game
  • 3 game modes
  • Count time and the number of moves
  • The ascending order

How to control

Tap and drag cards.