Zero Twenty One: 21 Points


Zero Twenty One: 21 Points is a fun card puzzle game in which you have to select cards to maintain the sum of cards from 0 to 21. It's an addictive game!

In the card game Zero Twenty One: 21 Points, the sum of cards dealt must remain between 0 and 21, which makes for an exciting challenge. A temporary stack can be used to hold cards whose values are either higher or lower than the ones necessary. The cards on the table will be more visible to you as a result of this change.

This game is inspired by the previous card game but combined with the education factor. It requires you to calculate to keep the sum of cards. You not only entertain and relax with Zero Twenty One: 21 Points but also improve your math abilities. Have a nice time!

Features of Zero Twenty One: 21 Points

  • Attractive gameplay
  • The sum of cards between 0 and 21
  • Various levels
  • Singleplayer

How to play

  • Tap on card to choose the one you need.