Stop The Bus


In the card game Stop The Bus, you will need to collect and exchange your cards in order to come as close to 31 as possible using cards of the same suit.

How to play

You are assigned three cards and then take turns picking up and discarding a card, attempting to score as close to 31 points - in a single suit - as possible before the bus stops. You can also get 30 points for three of a kind! Aces are awarded 11 points, while picture cards (J Q K) are for 10 points.

What will you do when the bus arrives?

Touch the deck to draw a card or the garbage to take the top card.

If you believe you have a high score, tap the bus stop to 'Stop the Bus'!

Then, discard a card from your hand, leaving you with three.

The bus then continues on to the next participant.

The person with the lowest score loses a token; if they lose all three, they are eliminated from the game! If there is a tie for last place, no one loses a token. The cards are then jumbled and dealt anew, and you are scored based on your hand and rank (1st, 2nd, 3rd). The player that finished first advances to the next round.


Use the mouse.