Tower Swap


Tower Swap is a puzzle game that combines match-3 and strategic tower defense gameplay. Swap resources to create weapons and defenses to keep the dragons away from your castle.

In front of you will be a grid-based battlefield with various resources such as stones, wood, treasure, iron, and ice blocks. Connect three treasures to obtain a chest containing explosives, an anvil, extra moves, and a variety of other useful bonuses! You can also strike a deal with the demon in exchange for a fortified watchtower or other defensive structure.

Each level has a limited number of moves, so plan ahead of time and devise an effective strategy to defend your castle! Build a ballista out of wooden logs to withstand dragon attacks. Construct massive ice walls to stymie the enemy's advance and keep them from reaching your fortress! Tower Swap features epic battles with massive flying dragons eager to destroy the castle and steal all of your kingdom's riches. Cannons should be placed around the perimeter to keep opponents from breaching your defenses. Hold back the onslaught of evil flying lizards with all your might to earn as many points as possible and claim first place on the leaderboard!


Only tap or click and drag. Even if a tile does not match, it can be swapped.