Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers is an incredibly straightforward running, leaping, and dodging game in which you alternate between three lanes to escape hazards.

How to play

The player takes control of a character who is trying to escape from an inspector and his dog by running through trains and along railroad tracks. The player is in control of the protagonist's movements, which include jumping, sliding under obstacles, and moving left or right. The protagonist runs automatically (the hero always faces the same direction). When the main character collides with an obstruction, the game is over.

Collect coins in the game Subway Surfers

Coins are dispersed at random throughout the randomly produced worlds, and they can be used to purchase various power-ups. They can be one-time-use things like a headstart for a certain portion of the run, or they can be permanent enhancements with varying degrees of efficacy. Items like the former are more common. The latter includes a power-up that doubles the worth of coins, a coin magnet, and a jetpack that allows the player character to temporarily fly above the trains for a period of time.


Use arrow keys to move the character.