Solitaire Farm: Seasons


Solitaire Farm: Seasons is a puzzle game. You have to arrange cards following decreasing or increasing order while enjoying the peaceful scenery of the farm.

This game is a classic solitaire card game that allows you to exercise your brain with numerous solitaire game difficulties while admiring the scenery! Now, your journey through Solitaire Farm: Seasons will be an excellent brain teaser!

Your mission is to arrange all cards in decreasing or increasing order to complete levels. If you cannot continue to arrange the cards, open the reserve cards to find the next move. In this game, there are over 2000 Solitaire levels to play and explore! Exciting gaming modes, as well as everyday duties, will bring you wonderful experiences! Besides that, don't forget to discover places, strange vegetation, gorgeous landscapes, and famous sites from the comfort of your own home!

Features of Solitaire Farm: Seasons

  • Interesting and simple gameplay
  • Various levels
  • Beautiful and peaceful landscapes

How to play

  • Mouse Click