Every day try to solve all of the math puzzles in Nerdle, a fun online learning game. You have an infinite amount of time to solve each puzzle.

Instructions for basic gameplay:

You can guess an equation by entering it using the buttons on the page or your keypad and then pressing the Enter button. The equation needs to be accurate from a mathematical standpoint.

The game will reveal to you which boxes you guessed to be green are actually purple and which ones you guessed to be purple are actually green. When a character is present in the equation but assigned to the incorrect slot, the background will be colored purple. A green background indicates that the character selected is appropriate for use in that particular slot. Boxes that do not change their background color are not featured in the daily Nerdle.

Create an equation for your next guess that corresponds to the letters that were used correctly in your previous guess.


You can use your mouse or computer keyboard to enter calculations.