Minesweeper is a game with a long history, with comparable games dating back to the 1960s, and is considered one of the first and best computer games of all time.

The minesweeper's purpose is to locate all of the mines on the map. The safe squares will be labeled with a number that corresponds to the number of mines they contact. This information is used by players to determine which squares are safe and which must be flagged as mines. Check out our blog for a more extensive discussion of all Minesweeper games for beginners.

Minesweeper games are all 100% random. Where the mine is, where the safe spot is, it's all absolutely random! However, there are certain useful patterns that you may use to detect a mine or two across the landscape.

For example, Pattern 1-2 is extremely popular among Minesweeper players. If 1 is directly opposite 2 and facing a wall, the area on the other side of 2 is a mine.

How to play:

Use the mouse.