Monkey Mart


The guideline to play Monkey Mart

A great idle game called Monkey Mart invites you to become the manager of a supermarket. Offer customers different quality products to earn a lot of money.

You have just built a supermarket and want to grow it. Complete these missions to meet your goal soon. The first task is to plant fruits and grow the chicken and the cow. The second one is to fill shelves with bananas, corn, eggs, milk, banana ice cream, and popcorn. When your customers come and choose their wanted products, you will be in charge of collecting their payments. You should take caution with naughty monkeys who will come and destroy your products. Chase them away and clean up the broken products. Try to earn a lot of money and use them to employ the stackers, a cashier, a farmer, and a chef. A chef will have the role of making yummy banana ice cream and popcorn while a cashier will help you collect money. Besides, the farmer will help to harvest the banana and popcorn and feed the chicken and the cow while the stackers will assist you in moving the products to the shelves. Your staff can fall asleep since they work too hard. You should wake them up and upgrade them to raise their energy and speed.

How to control: Press Arrow Keys to control the money to run around the supermarket.

Creator and Platform

This game was developed by TinyDobbins. This game is an online game, so you do not need to download or install it. You can use a PC or mobile device to play it on the web browser.