Classic Uno


Classic Uno is a fun card game that combines classics. Try to Discard all the cards in your hand to win, but don't forget to say UNO when you have one card left.

The goal of Classic Uno is to unload all of your cards before the other players do. The player lowers the number of cards in the deck by discarding cards that match the top card in the Discard pile.

Use the unique action cards to annoy your fellow players by snatching their turns. In offline or online multiplayer modes, you can play against one, two, or three other players. To play your cards, match the colour or number of the final card on the discard stack.


  • Three strategic artificial intelligence players
  • Fast-paced, competitive, and entertaining - all for free!
  • Make a private room and invite your friends and family.
  • Play with people from all around the world.
  • Play with your Facebook friends or as a guest in the 2, 3, and 4-player modes.
  • Three action cards and two wild cards
  • Touch-friendly user interface
  • Outstanding game visuals
  • I was playing with the mouse.

How to play

Played with the mouse.