Bad Ice-Cream


Face an exciting ice cream battle in the game Bad Ice-Cream with many hungry enemies on the ice arena. Use your power to destroy all the ice that lies ahead.

In the first step of Bad Ice-Cream, you will be able to choose your favorite ice such as chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, and whether you want to play with the second person or not. The goal of this game is to collect all the different fruits on the level by moving your heavy ice cream around the arena using the [arrow] keys to move. If you press the spacebar, your doll will exhale a line of ice blocks in a straight line, or if you are standing next to a pre-made row, it will destroy that row. Various baddies, including stalking monsters, rampaging bulls, searing flames, ice-breaking squids, rolling logs, and tunneling triple-scoops, will attempt to cream you into a puddle of goo. Your only means of defense are your ice blocks and your speed. Stay calm and see how far you can go without succumbing to the heat on all forty levels!

How to play

Player 1

  • Arrow keys - move
  • Space or return key - shoot

Player 2

  • WASD - move
  • F - shoot