Solitaire Klondike


Solitaire Klondike is an exciting card puzzle in which you have to arrange all cards in descending order. Try and show your arranging skills in this game!

In this card game, you must arrange the cards in descending order from highest to lowest value. If you don't have the correct cards on the board, you can shuffle additional cards and add new cards to make up for it. There are four options available at the top of the screen. Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds, and Spades should be arranged in ascending order in these places. Your time and the number of moves you make will be recorded, and you are able to go back and look at them. So proceed with caution and quick thinking! Besides that, you can replay the game by the replay button when you feel that the game is so challenging to play.

Features of Solitaire Klondike

  • Fun and exciting card game
  • Follow descending order
  • Record the time and the number of moves

How to play

  • Drag/tap solitaire cards to arrange them.