Checkers is a classic game with simple gameplay. You win if you remove all of your opponent's pieces from the board or if your opponent is unable to make a move.

To capture and remove an opponent's piece from the board, you must "jump" over it with one of your own. If your piece can make another jump after jumping, it is permitted to do so. When one of your pieces reaches the opposite side of the board (your opponent's back row), it transforms into a King. Kings have the ability to move and jump diagonally in any direction. They can even do forward and backward hops in the same rotation!

Checkers tips & tricks:

Avoid hugging the sides. Rookie players may rely on the board's sides for protection because pieces on the sides cannot be jumped. However, it is advisable to move your pieces closer to the center. Although you may appear to be more exposed to attacks from this position, claiming the center will ultimately provide you with more mobility.

Keep the final row for later. The "home row" refers to the back row of checkers on either side. It's wise to save this row until you really need the components. Keeping your home row occupied prevents your opponent from making Kings and allows you to jump and capture any opposing pieces that approach too closely.

At the start of the game, you should concentrate all of your efforts on moving as many pieces as possible to the opposite side of the board in order to build a team of Kings. In checkers, the player with the most kinged pieces on the table is the most likely to win the game, so start early!

Create a blockade. When you capture all of your opponent's pieces or when they are unable to make any moves, they lose. It may be difficult, but look for opportunities to create a wall around your opponent's checkers as you move your pieces across the board. By blocking the enemy, you will automatically win.

How to play:

Use the mouse.