Word Wipe


Word Wipe is a word search game where you connect letters next to each other to make words. When you make a word, its letter tiles disappear.

The rule Word Wipe

Finding Words

To play Word Wipe, you have to look for words on the board. Choose the letters that make up the word to get rid of the tiles. When the tiles are gone, the letters from above fall into their place. Like the game Boggle, you can make words out of letters that are next to each other in any direction. There must be at least three characters in a word.

Time Limit

Every level of Word Wipe has a time limit, so you have to work fast to reach the goal. At each new level, the goal is to get rid of more rows. Once you get rid of the lines, the game gives you a bomb that you can use to blow up any part you want.

Unique Mechanics

The game is a great alternative to traditional word searches. Because the rules aren't as strict, you can come up with more creative ways to put words together. These words can be put together in different ways, depending on which words you take out.


At the end of each level, you get a score that shows your best word, the highest level, and other cool stats from the game so you can track your progress!


Drag the left mouse button to link words.