Dino Game


Dino Game is a fun offline game that features the cartoon character T-Rex participating in a contest to see who can establish the record for the greatest leap.

The objective of this game is to assume control of a dinosaur as it travels through a path in the desert that is covered with cactus bushes. Your mission is to push the dinosaur as far as you possibly can in this game. If you touch the cactus even once, the game will be over immediately. After you have been defeated, you may easily begin playing again by using the space bar. Although it is straightforward, it is interesting enough to hold your attention while your Internet connection is being repaired. This will prevent you from being bored while you wait.

You won't be able to finish the game in its entirety since, according to the designers, doing so would take around 17 million years to do. A little over that amount of time ago, our globe was still home to roving populations of Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs. In addition, since the pace of the game never stops increasing, there comes a moment at which human beings are really unable to respond appropriately to the challenges that are presented. Because the frame refresh rate isn't high enough, even neural networks that were trained to play the Dino game would ultimately fail. That is the maximum possible speed at which the dinosaur can go.

How to play:

Click, tap, or use the spacebar to jump.