Halloween Uno Online


Halloween Uno Online is an amusing card game. In this game, your task is to win against other players to get the highest rank after each round.

108 Uno cards are shuffled, seven cards are dealt to each player, and the others are placed face down on the table. Next, the dealer will be the first to play, and the players will take turns clockwise. When playing the game, you must ensure that the first rule is to play cards of the same colour or number. The second rule is that you can play a card with a particular function- a black card because these cards can be played down at any time. If there are no cards to play, you must draw one more card from the deck face down. When you draw a card that matches the two rules above, select it immediately, so you do not lose your turn! Continue like this until you have two cards in your hand. When just having two cards, you must press the Uno button to notify the others. The Uno game ends when someone runs out of cards first.

You can choose to play against the computer or play with online players. Try to be the winner. Good luck.

Features of Halloween Uno Online:

  • There are two modes: Vs computer and Online multiplayer.
  • Can choose a profile picture and change your name.
  • Can play on fullscreen.
  • Simple to play.

How to play:

Use the mouse or keyboard to play.