Little Big Snake


Little Big Snake is a race of different snakes. You will hunt in a dense forest and you have a duty to grow your snake and become the biggest snake.

How to play

You begin this game as a little, worm-like snake that has to devour, crush, and slither its way up the food chain in order to reach the higher levels. You will have to consume nectar, kill Jujas, who is the resident pest of the forest, and eat a wide variety of repulsive insects if you wish to grow rather than just survive in this environment. But beware!

Tips and Tricks

Never, ever charge headfirst at an opposition snake, doing so is a surefire way to die. Snakes can be killed by either luring them into a fatal collision with you or encircling them in a whirlpool of their own scaly bodies. When you defeat an enemy snake, its trail of nectar will nourish you. You'll earn more money if you grow bigger and kill more foes. The coins you collect in between stages can be used to improve your snake in a number of ways.


Use the mouse.