1001 Arabian Nights


1001 Arabian Nights are the first in a popular puzzle game series. Each level tasks you with removing a set of magical items from the board.

How to play

The objective of each level is to restore various relics by gathering their missing parts from around the play area. Drop the pieces to the bottom of the board to collect them. Be aware that some levels have unique requirements, such as changing the color of all the board backgrounds by matching the tiles on them. The enchanted cauldron can be found off to the left side of the board. Charging it requires making a match of four or more adjacent tiles. Once fully charged, it will rise slightly. You can use the magic pot to clear the board of obstructions and speed up your quest to get the relic pieces to the bottom of the screen.

Difficulties in the game 1001 Arabian Nights

Locked tiles: Locked tiles, which can sometimes be double-locked, can't be swapped until they are unlocked. Put them together with tiles that match them to get to them.

Frozen tiles: You can't move frozen tiles until they melt. Put two tiles that match next to each other to melt them.

Brick tiles: Dark grey brick tiles can't be matched, but they can be moved. To get rid of them, move them to the bottom of the board.

Rock tiles: You can't match them up and you can't move them. You'll have to play around them and make matches.

Power-ups: There are several power-ups in the game that can help you beat a level.


Use the mouse.