99 Balls 3D


99 Balls 3D is a fun skill game where you have to move the balls in the right direction to destroy as many round cells as you can as they are approaching you.

How to play

Get rings to add to your chain and make it longer. As the game goes on, the targets will keep getting bigger. Use your puzzle-solving skills to get as many of the balls out of the way as you can. This means picking angles and spots on the map that give you the best chance of hitting as many targets as possible.

What do stars do in 99 balls?

Similar to the rings that the players have to gather, stars are dispersed all across the landscape. Players must collect all of the rings. These stars may be exchanged for a variety of skins if you so want. In 99 Balls 3D, there are a ton of different and entertaining ones that you may use, such as a golf ball, a wheel, or a gear.


Use the mouse.