Angry Ducks


If you take part in the game Angry Ducks, you will be transformed into an angry bird and be ready to shoot down the target to release other birds from the cage.

You will pick up birds and place them in the slingshot using the mouse. After that, you will aim and shoot the birds by dragging and releasing the mouse button. This will allow you to shoot the birds in such a way that they will hit the platforms, rip them apart, and defeat the level's enemies by removing all of the birds from the platforms.

You ran out of ducks to shoot before you took down all of your targets, right? You lose. Because each successive level is more challenging than the one before it, you will need to maintain a consistently high level of concentration and interest. We hope to see you around more often since it's clear that you're always having a good time here, and we wish you the very best of luck!

How to play:

Use the mouse.