Bloon Pop


Bloon Pop is a game of throwing darts. In this game, you need to align the force and shoot the dart so that it explodes all the balloons in the air.

It is not a shooting game like in Shell Shocker and on Uno Online, in this game, you will enjoy the interest of throwing darts. You need to align the force properly to be able to complete the goal.

The map

You will have the opportunity to explore 4 different maps that are lighthouse, beach, camping, and mars map. Each map has a unique challenge waiting for you to explore. Play and open these maps.

How to play

In this game, you use the mouse to control. Aim and choose the right force and launch the dart. You have 12 darts to play. When you use all 12 darts and still have not blown all the balloons, you lose. Fight your way to victory by launching dart after dart through a bunch of rubber balloons.