Cannon Balls 3D


Cannon Balls 3D is a fun game that combines aiming and shooting. The goal of the game is to clear each stage by removing all of the blocks with cannon balls.

The gameplay is simple, but it's immensely fulfilling, and it's a genuinely pleasant sensation to see boxes crumble as you rain down tremendous explosives on them. It's worth noting, though, that while the game is basic, it's not always straightforward since you'll only have a limited amount of shots in each level, so you'll have to knock out all the cubes inside these shots or restart the level from the beginning. In terms of battle, there is a large weapon collection from which players may pick their cannons, but they will not be given to you; you must work for them and unlock them.

Release Date

December 2019


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Left mouse button to shoot.