Cards Connect


Cards Connect is a fun and exciting puzzle game based on the card game theme. You have to connect two cards with the same images to remove them.

Still a card game, but this game gives you new experiences. Your task in this game is to match two cards of the same image together to remove them. You win and move on to the next level when all cards have been discarded. Note that each level has a time limit. Pay attention to the remaining time and complete the level in the allotted time. Besides that, the condition to be able to connect two cards is that they can be connected by 3 or fewer lines.

The gameplay is quite simple. This game mainly wants to test your reflexes and sharpness. Can you throw away all the cards in the shortest time? Try starting this game and show your level!

Features of Cards Connect

  • Fun and exciting puzzle game
  • Simple mechanics and easy controls
  • Various levels
  • Limited time

How to play

  • Mouse Click