Classic Solitaire


Classic Solitaire is an addictive solitaire game. Your objective is to transfer all cards on the tableau to four piles and get as many points as possible.

Are you interested in playing the solitaire game? This game is a perfect fit for you. This game features a standard deck with 52 playing cards. Your mission is to transfer all cards on the tableau to four piles. Each pile ought to have the same suit and be placed in the ascending sequence (beginning with Ace and ending with King). Note that the cards at the top of each column are allowed to move. You can rearrange the cards on the tableau in alternative colours and descending order. If there is a vacancy in the tableau, you can use a King card to refill it. Utilize the cards in the stock if there is no more available move left.

Come on! Tap to play this game now and share it with your friends! Use your strategic skills to win the game in the shortest time.

Features of Classic Solitaire:

  • Easy control
  • Great graphics and catchy music

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.