Crazy Eights


Crazy Eights is an awesome card game. In this game, your objective is to get rid of all your cards first to gain the highest possible score.

In this game, you will play with 4 computer players. Your mission is to get rid of your card which has the same suit or rank as the top card of the discard pile on your turn. For instance, if the top card on the discard pile is Five of Hearts, any card of Heart or the Five of any suit can be played. One exception is the card Eight which can be matched with any card. Moreover, you can change the suit of the Eight if you want. If there are no more valid moves, draw a card in the stockpile. The first person who gets rid of all cards will be the winner. The winner will get the highest score. Contrarily, if you have the most cards on hand, you get no point. This game has 4 rounds. Try your best to gain the highest possible score after 4 rounds to get a victory. Good luck!

Don’t hesitate! Play this game now and enjoy it! Can you defeat all computer players?

Features of Crazy Eights:

  • Multiplayer
  • Play in fullscreen
  • Simple controls
  • Nice 2D graphics and relaxing music

How to play;

Use the mouse to play.