Crescent Solitaire


Crescent Solitaire is a fantastic solitaire game in which you have to sort all cards from Ace to King and King to Ace into 8 basement piles at the central.

Have you ever played solitaire in outer space? If not, play this game to try it now. The rule is really easy and simple. Your objective is to build four piles in ascending order (Ace to King) and four piles in descending order (King to Ace) to remove all cards from outer space. Note that the cards in each pile are of the same suit. Cards in the tableau can be moved on top of another card that is higher or lower in value, but they must be the same suit. You can reshuffle the cards in the tableau if you are unable to continue. You have only 20 minutes to clear all cards. Try to accomplish the level before time’s up. Do your best to get the highest possible score. Good luck!

Features of Crescent Solitaire:

Easy to play

Impressive background and relaxing sea sound

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.