Daily Solitaire


Daily Solitaire is a highly addictive solitaire game in which you have to move all cards to four piles - one per suit - in ascending order from Ace to King.

If you are looking for a game that you can play every day without getting bored, play Daily Solitaire now because the challenging level of this game will change day by day. To win this game, you have to build the whole pack onto four foundations. Each foundation must be of the same suit and in the ascending sequence from Ace to King. The tableau cards can be placed on top of another tableau that is higher than them in rank and has the opposite color. Uncover the hidden cards in the stockpile if you cannot move any more face-up cards.

This game is not easy as it looks. Use your tactical skill to win the level in the shortest time.

Features of Daily Solitaire:

  • Varying degrees of difficulty
  • Month bonus (up to +3000 score)
  • Impressive graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.