Daily Solitaire Blue


Daily Solitaire Blue brings lots of relaxing hours for you. It requests you to arrange the cards on the foundation pile from Ace to King and the same suit.

You must clean all cards in tableau piles and stockpiles by arranging them on foundation piles from Ace to King, and they must have the same suit. Play with cards of tableau piles and put them from King to Ace, and their colours alternate. In addition, you can play with cards in the stockpile. Flip the cards to choose suitable cards to move to the foundation or tableau piles.

Daily Challenge of Daily Solitaire Blue

Complete the daily challenge to get the crown and then become the winner. The more you get the crown in a month, the more chances you have of owning the gold trophy. Three types of medals are Gold Cup, Silver Cup, and Bronze Cup. You will receive the kind of trophy corresponding to the number of crowns you have obtained in that month. In addition, you can choose to do any quest in the Daily Challenge to do it. Good luck, and become a gold cup holder.

Hints in Daily Solitaire Blue

When you start the game, you have a total of 8 hints. They will help you to arrange the cards. They will come in handy in case you have no ideas. However, they are also limited. It would be best if you used them properly to ensure that you can overcome as many challenges in the Daily Challenge as possible.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.