Eliminator Solitaire


Eliminator Solitaire is an entertaining card game. Your mission is to move all cards on the tableau to 7 foundation piles to get the highest possible score.

This game is played by transferring all cards on the tableau to 7 foundation piles. Note that an empty foundation space can be filled by any card. The card you want to transfer must be one higher or one lower than the top card of one of the foundation piles. Suit and colour don't matter. Remember that the time is limited, so you have to clear all cards on the tableau as quickly as possible. The game is over if you can't remove all cards on the tableau before time's up. Attempt to eliminate all cards to get the highest possible to raise your name on the leaderboard. This game features daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards. What is your rank on the leaderboards?

There is a total of 10 levels that you are expected to pass. Keep in mind that the higher the level, the harder it is. Use your logical thinking and quick eyes to complete all the levels. Share this game with your friends and family and play it together. This game can be accessed on both PC and mobile.

Features of Eliminator Solitaire:

  • 10 levels with varying degrees of difficulty
  • Leaderboard support
  • Easy control
  • Bright 2D graphics and relaxing music

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.