Freecell Solitaire Classic


Freecell Solitaire Classic is an attractive card game in which you have to create suits following descending order and alternate two colors to remove them.

Welcome to the world of cards where you can experience and play one of the most popular card game series, Freecell. To win in this famous Solitaire game, you must move all 52 cards to the four foundation spots, starting with the Aces. The foundations are built by suit, similar to other Solitaire games, while the tableau cards must be sorted by alternating colors in descending order. Play wisely and arrange your deck!

The mechanics are simple and easy to control. However, it is challenging to master. Can you overcome challenges that are created by 52 cards of solitaire? Start and show your skills! Have a nice time!

Features of Freecell Solitaire Classic

  • Classic and simple gameplay
  • Easy controls
  • 52 cards

Release Date

Nov 02, 2021

How to play

  • Tap to play.