Fruit Ninja


Welcome to the traditional Fruit Ninja game! Your goal will be to master your weapon while chopping up a variety of delectable tropical fruits.

How to play Fruit Ninja:

Use your left mouse button and a swiping motion to cut the fruit. When you swoop through a number of different fruits all at once, you may create delightful combinations. Continue to play in an effort to beat your high score while avoiding the explosives to save your life. You should try to cut up every piece of fruit that appears on the screen since you only have three chances to get it right before the game is done.

The game provides you with a frantic 60 seconds with weaker bombs (they only take points away from you), but it also includes power-ups, unique extra bananas, and the ability to drop as many fruits as you like without the game ending. Or there's Zen mode, which has no bombs and no death, just 90 seconds of action to rack up as many points as possible.


Fruit Ninja was made by Halfbrick Studios.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Slice the fruits by dragging the left mouse button.