Impostor Archer War


Play Impostor Archer War and participate in the bow duel of Imposter and Crewmate. You will have to aim and destroy the enemy as quickly as possible.

Welcome to Impostor Archer War, where you can control your crewmate so he can shoot arrows and eliminate imposters. In this game, you will enjoy an unprecedented adventure with Archers. Play as the characters Between Us and punish the traitors. You have to eliminate all enemies, use your skills and destroy them.

The level

You can play the game through countless levels. When you complete a level, a new level will be opened. Play and conquer the levels.

How to play

Your mission is to shoot the arrows at the right time to hit and eliminate the enemy intruders. You must quickly kill the enemy before they destroy you. The arrow will shoot when you stand still. You use the mouse to move and avoid the attack of the attachment

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