Kings Card Decisions


Kings Card Decisions is an exciting arcade game. In this game, your mission is to make a decision when a card appears and make your country prosperous.

You will transform into the king, who has the supreme power of a nation. Suggested cards will appear in front of you. Your task is to decide whether the card is accepted or not. You need to choose a strategy for your country through the suggestions on the card. As a king, you need to think carefully about every decision. You can also be jailed if your decision is inappropriate and harms the country. These decisions involve the military, people, health, and money issues. If you make the right decision, your score in the left corner will increase gradually. Furthermore, the icons in the upper corner will also flash to signal. Instructions will appear as you play. Look carefully at all the requirements in the Quests section. Your score will be recorded in the Highscore section, and you can see your job has been done in the Achievements section.

Survive as long as possible, then make the right decisions for your country. Can you become a wise king, a saviour of mankind? If you love an incarnation game, you can not miss this game. Exciting missions are waiting for you.

Features of Kings Card Decisions:

  • Interesting missions attract players.
  • Can play on multiple platforms.
  • Various cards, suitable suggestions.
  • Simple gameplay.

How to play:

Hold the left mouse and swipe left or right.