Klondike Solitaire


Klondike Solitaire is a free-to-play card game in a series of classic solitaire games.

The goal

To win, you must place all of your cards in one of the four foundation piles. These are the four empty areas at the game's top. Each pile represents a different suit and should be filled in the correct order, beginning with the Ace and progressing to the King. For example, you would place the Ace of Spades first, then the two of Spades, three of Spades, and finally the King of Spades. When you've completed all four foundation piles, you've won the game!

Transferring cards from the stockpile to the foundation

A stack of cards can be found in the upper left corner. This is referred to as your stockpile. Depending on the game, each card is removed from the stockpile one at a time or three at a time. These cards can be used in the tableau or the foundation, which are the cards laid out in a stairwell beneath the stockpile.

If the cards are in the correct order, they can be moved directly to the foundation. For example, if the first card turned over from your stockpile is an Ace of Spades, you can place that card on the foundation pile for Spades. If your second card from the stockpile is a Two of Spades, you can place it on top of the Ace of Spades in the Foundation pile.

Transferring the cards from the stockpile to the tableau

Cards from the stock pile can also be added to Tableau. The tableau is a collection of cards with seven columns, with the last card of each column turned face up and an additional card in each column.

Transferring the cards from the stockpile to the foundation or the tableau

In Tableau, stockpile cards can be placed beneath a card that is the opposite color and has a higher number than the stockpile card. Assume there are 8 Hearts in the tableau's third column. It can be topped with a stockpile of 7 of Spades or 7 of Clubs.

You've won when you can move all of the cards from the tableau and the stockpile.


Use the mouse.