Knight Amaze


Welcome to Knight Amaze, a single-player strategy game! This game will give you the battles after becoming an elite knight. Are you curious about this knight's quest? What will he get after each match? Where does the knight's soul go after defeat? Let's start this game and show your ability!

Amaze Knight - A Main Character

In this action game, you will become a maze knight. Why? Because you will fight the monsters in the labyrinth. You need to move from one opponent to another. Move carefully to kill the monsters in the most effective way. Your knight can be destroyed by monsters, so you should be careful.

Special levels with big bosses

Like Protect My Dog, this game has many different levels. After completing the different levels, you will advance to a special level where there are big bosses. Bosses are fearsome enemies with enormous power. You should collect weapons on the maze before fighting them. After playing this game, you can try UNO Online and Mahjongg Solitaire.