Lightning Cards


Lightning Cards is a novel game with cards. Your mission is to move your cards quickly into four discard piles before the computer does it and gets many points.

Both you and the computer have 24 cards on the reserve pile. These cards will appear one by one for you to arrange on the four discard piles in the center of the screen. If the arrow under the deck is pointing up, you must place a card that is one value higher on top. If the arrow is pointing down, you have to place a card that is one value lower on top. You must put all your cards on the reserve pile before the computer does. On discard piles, if the hand is 13, then you can continue with 1. And vice versa, if the discard pile starts with 13, then you can switch to 1. Once neither you nor the computer can continue, the Flip It card will appear. This card will change all discard piles in terms of number, card type, and arrow direction. Try to be the fastest to complete the mission and win with a high score.

Kinds of cards in Lightning Cards

First, Wind Card can be placed on any card, and any card can be placed on top of them. Next, Red cards with circular arrows on them will reverse the direction of the deck. Finally, Lightning cards will score a bonus if you place them on top of other lightning cards.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.