Mahjong Alchemy


The pieces of wood in Mahjong Alchemy need your help to develop their power. You have to pick out two identical magic pieces so that they merge and disappear.

Your task in this game is extremely attractive. First, you have to pick out two identical pieces, which will then be combined and disappear from the screen. However, it will not be easy for you to pass the game because the magic pieces are stacked on each other. You can only get the pieces in the lower layer if the ones in the top layer disappear or if they are not entangled with any other parts. Because they are hidden by many layers of pieces of wood on top of each other, sometimes you will not be able to find any similar pieces. In this case, you must use hints to pass the level flexibly.

After completing a turn, you can receive gold coins as a reward for your efforts. However, to prevent you from abusing hints when playing, you will lose five coins every time you use hints, so collect as many gold coins as possible! In addition, this money is also used to buy colorful and vivid magic pieces. Unlock all the magic ones in the gallery and keep playing.

The levels of Mahjong Alchemy

  • There are two levels you can select to play. The first is Fruit Ninja mode which is more straightforward than Litera mode.
  • Fruit Ninja mode will have fewer overlapping layers. You will easily select the same pieces, finish the turn and move on to another round. In addition, it will only cost you three coins when using a hint.
  • Litera mode has more layers. Besides, it will cost you five coins to use hints.

How to play

Use the mouse to control.