Maze: Path of Light


If you are looking for a game to train your brain, then Maze: Path of Light is a good choice. You will control a beam of light to reach the end of the maze.

Maze: Path of Light is a puzzle game, where you need to control your character to escape the maze. You choose the direction to lead your character to the end of the maze and pass the level. The game challenges your brain as you have to find your way out in the vast maze. Just one wrong decision can lead you to a dead end. What are you waiting for without playing this game?

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The challenge

This game has loads of levels to challenge you. Each level is a maze with different challenges. Play and unlock the levels of this game.

How to play

You use the keys on the keyboard to control. You move around by choosing a direction at each intersection, this way, you reach the end of the maze and pass the level.

How to control: Use arrow keys or WASD keys.