Ninja Run


Open up an exciting adventure in the Ninja Run game. In this game, you will control a ninja who has to fight the Samurai and collect the spiral of power.

Ninja Run is a running game like in Dino Game and Magic Run, however, you will control the ninja character. Your character needs to collect spirals of power and go far on the track. However, to complete this mission you need to overcome many obstacles such as the Samurais, crows, and so on. Play and conquer the difficult challenge.


  • The crows fly in the sky, so don't jump when they fly by
  • You can jump over or use darts to knock down the Samurais
  • You must not hit the edges of the wall or you will die

How to play

In this game, you have to combine both mouse and keyboard to be able to control the game. You press the up arrow key to jump. You click the left mouse to dart. Hope you have moments of entertainment in the game.

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