Protect My Dog 2


Defend My Dog 2 uses your pencil to save the dog from bees! This adorable dog is well-known for his bad luck, as he frequently becomes entangled in beehives.

To save one or more dog heads from dangers like angry bees, gaping chasms, molten lava, vanishing spikes, and deep water, you'll need to use your geometric and physical understanding to create barriers. You need to think of a good barrier layout to keep the bee hives and other dangers away from one or more floating heads. Often, you need to make use of scene props to prop up the barrier. To keep the rest of the barrier from falling into lava or water, they may need to attach the end of the line to the side of a step. To reinforce the circular barrier, you may form a loop around a head and then go back and draw a straight line under it.

How to play

Create a drawing line using your Mouse.