Santa Claus Running


Welcome to the thrilling chases in the Santa Claus Running game. You will control your character to escape the police chase and collect coins.

This is a dramatic running game. It gives you excitement when participating in adventurous races. This game has a different gameplay from Bubble Game 3 and Bubblez. In this game, you have to participate in a race with the police. You have to move quickly so you do not get caught.

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The game has a leaderboard to record the player's score. Your highest score will be saved and displayed on this leaderboard.

How to play

This game has very simple gameplay. Your character will move forward automatically. You just need to use the keyboard and mouse to move the object away from the obstacle. While moving, you pay attention to collecting coins to be able to upgrade your power.

How to control: Use the mouse and the keys on the keyboard.