Shadow Ninja Revenge


Are you ready to play Shadow Ninja Revenge, a shadow ninja online adventure breakout game? This game will be more thrilling than UNO Online and Halloween Uno Online because you can experience many exciting adventures with your ninja in this action game.

Your task

You must have quick reflexes and dexterous hands to maneuver the character while being aware of the road's spikes. Along the way, you will encounter opponents that will impede your progress. Anyone who gets in your way will have to die. Grab your knife and kill them all. Ready to begin your retaliation strategy?

How to play

Let's start challenges in Shadow Ninja Revenge to show your abilities. Utilize your weapons to survive as best you can on your difficult trek through a hostile environment. Kill your opponents and prepare for attacks at all times. Spears, flying kicks, and more are used. Playing the Shadow men's fight game of Shadow Ninja Revenge will bring you new fun experiences.