Shards is a classic brick-breaker game. The goal of the game is to get rid of all of the glass bricks that are on the playing field as quickly as you can.

This brilliant online game employs 3D animation with colors that are see-through, making it very vibrant. You have the choice between three different speeds: slow, normal, and quick. You start each game with three lives, and you need to win all of the levels in order to move on to the next one. There are numerous levels for you to conquer, each with a different level of difficulty. After you have completed all of the stages, navigate to the leaderboard of this online game to find out where you stand in comparison to the other players.

Gameplay simple:

You can play this shooter game by dragging the paddle to the left and right using your mouse or your finger. Use the paddle to hit the ball, then bounce it off of the colored blocks to break them up into shards. You will come across a variety of power-ups along the road that you may use to go through the game more quickly. For example, the size of your paddle can be increased, the speed at which you move can be accelerated, and an additional life can be gained. On the other hand, there are power-downs that are designed to make the game more challenging. These power-downs can include things like having a smaller paddle or having your movement speed slowed down.