Solitaire 2022


Solitaire 2022 is a card game consisting of 52 cards, You have to arrange all the cards into 4 platforms in ascending order from Ace to King.

The tableau:

All 52 cards are displayed in the tableau. They are arranged in seven piles of twenty-eight. The first pile always contains one card, and each subsequent pile contains one more card than the one before it. Each pile's last card is turned face-up, while the others are turned face-down.

The stockpile is made up of the extra 24 cards from your initial tableau. During the game, these stockpiles will supply both the tableau and the foundation. When all of the cards in the deck have been used, they will be discarded.

The rules:

The rules that follow apply to the most basic and widely played variation, which involves dealing with a single card. To win a game of Solitaire 2022, you must move all of the cards from the tableau and stock to the four foundations, which are arranged in ascending order of suit and value from the Ace to the King.

The face-up cards on the tableau can be moved from pile to pile. Colors should be alternated and sorted in descending order. When you move a card to another pile, a hidden card is revealed, giving you more options. The more cards that are revealed, the better the chances of winning.

We go to the stockpile when there are no more valid moves on the tableau. Each time you push or click on this pile, a new card is a deal. Consider whether each new card can be used somewhere on the tableau to reveal more cards.

After you have completely revealed a pile, only a King may fill an empty spot. Transfer a King to the empty slot as quickly as possible; this will also reveal a new card on the pile from which the King came.

How to play

Use the mouse to drag and drop cards.