Spades is a fun game with four people. Your task is to combine with your partner who sits across you to win many tricks and get as many points as possible.

The first dealer in this game is determined by drawing a high card, and then the deal is made clockwise. All cards are face down, so you pick up your cards and arrange them by suit. In the next step, you must decide how many tricks you will be able to take. The bidding will be started by the left of the dealer. And in turn, you and the others state how many tricks you expect to win. There is only one round of bidding, and the minimum bid is Zero. All of you must make a bid. Remember that no suit is named in the bid, as the game's name implies because spades always trump other suits. Tricks that are larger bid will accumulate, and every ten bags incurs a 100-point penalty. For 0 bids, you get a bonus if you do not complete any trick. Otherwise, you get a penalty. In addition, Blind Nil has twice the bonus or penalty. All of you must follow the dealer's suit unless having the highest card which is Ace Spades.

The tip for you to win Spades

The player receives 10 points for each trick bid, plus 1 point for each overtrick. For instance, the score would be 30 if your bid was three and you completed seven tricks. You can get 53 points if the bid was five and the player took eight tricks. You will realize that three points for the three overtricks and 50 points for the bid.

How to play

Use the mouse to control.